Faculty of Dentistry


Facility 360


The Faculty of Dentistry was established on 15th June 2006. It operates at Pandan Indah Campus, Level 15 Menara B, Menara MPAJ Building, Pandan Indah, 47.6km away from Nilai Campus.

The faculty provides various facilities such as:

  • Library and Cafeteria at Level 14.
  • Lecture Rooms for Students of Year 1,4 and 5, Discussion Room, Computer Lab and Male Surau at Level 15.
  • Dental Polyclinic for Students, Dental Lab and Simulation Lab at level 16.
  • Specialist Clinic, Dental Gallery, Public Dental Polyclinic, Lecture Rooms for Year 3 Students, Discussion Rooms, Students and Staff’s Changing Rooms at level 17.
  • Examination Hall, Oral Biology Lab, Dental Lab, Lecture Rooms for Year 2 Students, Post-graduate Room, Discussion Room and female surau at level 18.